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The Train

Somewhere in the slovenian countryside.

We would make a great team you and I.
Here in this rail car, legs intertwined as we type away on our laptops.
My work is laughable to you
Your work is unintelligible to me
On overnight rides we can sleep in awkward positions our bodies didn't know they fit into.
We may wake sore and tired
But we woud be happy
Because the last thing we would hear as the train rocks us to sleep,
And the first thing we hear as it gently shakes us awake,
Is the beating of each others hearts.

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M Mistress is calling again. She's always calling here. Insatiable whore. But my mentors words echo in my head and I rise to do my duty. And there you are passing her off to me. Those slender fingers loosely grasping it. For in your aura, she has ceased to be personified and has become it. As my eyes meet yours, She/It ceases to exist. There is only you and my desire to hold your hand as tenderly as you hold that joint. But she won't let me....she rips the words out of my mouth and forces herself upon me. The moment is passes, I pay my dues, and your beautiful laughter fills the room etching itself into the crevasses of memory.

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The Land of Mustard fields, beer, and churches

Normally as the number of bearded women in a region increases the number of beautiful women decreases. However, in Bavaria, we can observe the inverse of this. Why this is and what it means is the subject of further study.


Also after 7 months it is safe to say that in no way shape or form does the Bavarian portion of the German rail system live up to its reputation.

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Lost in Bavaria

Fall 2012

At the roosters prompting I awake swiftly, only to sink back down as the devil compresses my head between his ass cheeks in attempt to make a diamond. I slowly expose my sensitive pupils to the light, only to see a world of denim. After some thought I recognize the problem and remove the size zero jeans from my head. Their owner is nowhere to be found, nor are my own jeans. Both the girl and my jeans are apparently lost to me, somewhere between Regensburg and this unknown town of 100 people. Perhaps the bartender who thought my horrible German was so cute would know. But which town was she in? Somewhere between jager street and jagerbomb lane I think. What an evil woman, punishing me for dropping my jager shot by pouring me two more.

My Bavarian hosts of the evening eventually find me and explain my headgear. Who would have thought jeans make such a great jumper when cold? The owner of said jeans is still unknown however.

So this one's for you mystery girl, wandering bavaria pantless. Only a true friend would give you their pants to wear on their head when you are cold.

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Things I've learned in American Public School

"Islams believe in god and Hallah"

"Bullyism is bad"

"West is always left"

"We can't know how heavy the Earth is because, the Earth is floating so it's weight is always changing"

"John Mccain cosponsored the building of the Jefferson Memorial"

"Canadian women sneak into the US to get breast cancer treatment because socialized medicine is ugly"

"Human trafficking is bad because it's white slavery"

"In England it's a crime to be poor"

"The English settled New York"

"See that rectangle? That's exactly one square mile"

"In California Everything will grow. You can plant anything in the sand and it will grow."

"At new years they drop a proverbial ball in Times Square"

"The Southern Cross is visible from Europe. That's why it's New Zealands flag."

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Somewhere in Barcelona, Night

April 2013

I finally made it back to Africa tonight. Between speaking french with the gorgeous parisian girl currently asleep on the couch and talking with Abasi, my new Kenyan friend, I was able to go back in spirit for a few minutes at least. Four joints of fine Spanish mistress certainly didn't hurt my imagination.

I may have only gone back in spirit, but for a while Abasi actually thought he was back in Kenya and did an excellent job explaining Kenyan class structures to his new peace corps friend(me apparently) in Swahili.

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